Peak Water Filtering System


Peak Water is the world’s first adjustable water filter jug, for creating cafe quality water at home.
The unique utilises a gravity-fed bypass with variable settings , allowing you to decide how many of the minerals in your water are filtered out or retained.

Made in the UK.

*package includes 1 filter

Water hardness has a dramatic effect on the flavour of coffee. This effect is difficult to predict, as tap water varies greatly from city to city. Your favourite cafe knows this and uses complex filtration systems to control and customise their water. It is why the coffee always tastes great.

The Peak Water filter utilises a two-chamber design. The main chamber makes use of premium dual-ion resins that have the capacity to completely remove the minerals from your water. However, you want a small amount of hardness to get the best out of a coffee.

The secondary bypass chamber contains carbon only, which combats any unwanted organic compounds, but allows a desired amount of positive minerals like calcium and magnesium to pass through and re-join the newly softened water from the main chamber.