4th Wave Cup


A Cup designed to enhance drinking experience of any coffee.

Volume: 300ml
Design by: Jani Mikkonen
Hand made in Finland by JP Studiokeramiikka Oy

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This cup is part of the 4th Wave collaboration between Artisan and Robert Paulig Roastery. This cup was originally designed in 2017 by three time Brewers Cup Champion Jani Mikkonen to be used as competition cup.


The shape of the cup is designed to enhance drinking experience of any coffee. We studied tremendous amount of shapes and sizes to find the unique compound radius structure for this cup. It allows more air to be taken in while drinking, leading to better taste experience.


This cup fits perfectly in hand and has glazing only inside to ensure elegant feel. Wide opening fits the nose inside the cup while drinking and directs the aromatics to make sure that you will get every taste note!


These cups are made in Lapinlahti, Finland by JP Studiokeramiikka Oy.